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Pure Poultry stands for pastured raised, no antibiotics, no hormones or steroids, cage free, air chilled chickens.  Pure Poultry chickens are raised in a pasture that is in a protected grass land easement, which has not been treated with pesticides, chemicals, or pesticides for the last 20 years.  It will be in this protective easement for lifetime.


Pure Poultry chickens are air chilled, you can expect a All-Natural great tasting chicken.  This may become one of your favorite items from our farm!


From the cook’s point of view air chilled chickens taste far superior to water chilled birds. Traditional methods call for immersing freshly slaughtered birds in a large chlorinated vat of ice water before being frozen. Chickens treated in this manner absorb a lot of water. Not only is this arguably less sanitary but all that water effects the taste.

Air chilling on the other hand works by individually suspending birds from a track that moves through two chambers. In the first chamber cold purified air is run over each bird to quickly reduce its temperature. The second chamber lowers the temperature to the desired 32 F to 34 F degree range. That’s it. The frozen chicken is ready for packaging and shipping. No excess water and no excess exposure to the other birds.


So what’s the big deal? The difference is in the taste. These chickens simply taste better. Better yet these chickens cook faster because they haven’t absorbed all the excess water. The USDA allows the water-immerse chickens to absorb up to 8% of its weight in water. So when you buy a water-immersed bird you are paying chicken prices for water. Buying air-chilled means that you are getting much more of what you pay for.

Why choose All Natural Pasture Chickens?

USDA requirement for a cage free chicken is 1 square foot.  Which means that you could have a 30,000 square foot building with 30,000 chickens.   Pure Poultry was not happy with this, because it can be misleading. 


This is why we started to raise pasture chickens.  Our chickens are never confined to a single cage, and they have the oppurtunity to "roam". 


This way of raising chickens is much healthier because we do not have to worry about biohazards conidtions.  The chickens are in a natural environment. 


We have protective fencing around a huge area, to protect the chickens from wild animals.  We then have each section on skids and it gets moved through our pasture every couple of days.  This also helps with manure, the chickens are not running or standing in manure all day!  


Some companies will inject hormones or steroids into eggs as well. This is yet another reason we started Pure Poultry, we decided to raise chickens and get back to the basics!


Our chickens are Pasture to Plate!  Make sure to check out or blog, or our new Pure Poultry Punch Cards.  Currently, our chickens are sold at each Hy-Vee in Lincoln, NE.  We can also ship, deliver, or you buy directly from Pure Poultry.




Pure Poultry Punch Cards!  Every 10 you buy get one Free!


Cost is $100.00 – Some competitors, where their chickens are not pasture raised in a protective easement charge $87.00 for 4 chickens, or over $20.00 a piece.


Pure Poultry is going to start a punch card program – who says eating healthy has to be expensive!  We are very excited to offer All Natural Pasture Chickens at a very reasonable price! 


Details below:

  • You prepay your $100.00 for your punch card

  • Pure Poultry will keep track of your purchases

  • You can use this card only through Pure Poultry

  • You can choose one chicken at a time – or 4 or at once (whatever your preference is)

  • You have one year to use you punch card from your purchase date

  • The weight of the chicken can vary – this is a per chicken punch card – weights are usually between 3.5 to 5 pounds

  • All whole chickens purchased from Pure Poultry are $10.00

  • You can purchase as many punch cards as you would like, for as long as we run the program

  • We will also offer the program with “cut up chickens” (breast, wings, legs, thighs)

  • If you wish to purchase the cost of the cut up chickens it is $130.00, this is due to the processing be more expensive

  • If you wish to be in our punch card program, please email me.We can take cash, check, or credit card – but we do add a 3% charge for credit cards.

  • Also, please feel to share with friends!!

  • We have a lot of whole chicken recipes on our website blog too!!

  • This punch card can be used for out of state buyers, but you would still have to pay your shipping cost.


Thank you very much for all your support.  We love being able to serve Pasture to Plate products!!  We also enjoy being able to sell it at a price that can be affordable for everyone.  Farm Fresh and local, cannot get any better than that!!

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