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Discover the Best that Nebraska has to offer!

Please read below to see the benefits of purchasing meat and/or poultry from our family farm.  Mohrhauser Farms feels the facts below  are important, and should be considered when purchasing any type of meat or poultry.  Of course, there are more than 7 benefits, but Mohrhrauser Farms feels these are top 7 that should always be considered when buying meat or poultry.




Antibiotic Free

 Overuse by agricultural companies to make animals grow faster or to cover up poor living conditions for the animals is certainly not worth jeopardizing our ability to take care of our kids, parents, neighbors and the world community. The editorial board of The Washington Post warned that more must be done to reverse the overuse of antibiotics in livestock before a new generation of superbugs is created.

Steroid/Hormone Free
Mohrhauser Farms wants our clients to taste all natural products.  Our human bodies produce hormones, a synthetic hormone that may be fed to animals can act as toxin and cause health issues in humans.
Are you Grass Fed only?

Grass finishing has become a new food fad. Cattle finished on grass are typically leaner than grain fed animals, but less fat and older animals result in dry, tough meat. Pure Poultry chickens are raised on pasture with access to grain for a clean, natural finish.



Corn produces a more consistent eating experience. You know a steak will taste like a steak anywhere in the country. Grass finished or “grass-fed” beef is inconsistent depending on what types of forages are available in an area. Aromatic compounds in different plants will deposit in the fat, changing the flavor. Fat is flavor, and corn-fed beef has more where it counts.  This fat marbling also keeps the steak more tender and juicier during cooking. There is nothing worse than a dry, tough steak.  Mohrhauser Farms finishes our cattle on corn for at least the last 120 days to increase marbling and produce the highest quality, best tasting beef. Mohrhauser Farms also dry ages our beef for 21 days to increase the flavor.




Bred, born, and raised!

All of Mohrhauser cows, pigs, and chickens are raised on our farm since birth.  You do not have to worry about our beef, chicken, or pork you purchase being shuffled around to 3 or 4 different farms. They are all raised at one farm, this reduces the stress load on the the animals.

Award winning

Nathan Mohrhauser has particpated on many judging teams, A judging team evaluates livestock and places them most desirable to least.  Having this experience allows Nathan to know what quality animals are.  Also, the Mohrhauser family has been issued many awards including 2014 Honored Agriculturalists and 2013 Century Farm Award.

Farm fresh!

Taste the difference in our products.  Mohrhauser Farms does not use food dye, msg, preservatives, or any type chemical that would alter the taste of your purchase.

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