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Black Angus Orders

Beef Availability Dates 2024

Late Sept (Wahoo Locker)

Oct (Wahoo Locker) 

Dec (Wahoo Locker)

$4.95 per hanging weight pound

Order prime rated, all-natural beef, and save by ordering ¼ (quarter), ½ (half) or whole cow.  Every cow we raise has been on our farm since birth. Mohrhauser Farms pasture is in a protective land easement. We cannot spray any type pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers on our pasture. Their environment is stress free, The corn we use to tenderize our beef is all-natural bulk corn.


We use the Wahoo Locker for processing.  If there is a cut of meat you do not care for in your cow, you can have that ground into hamburger. 


Want to order beef – Next steps:

  • We do require a nonrefundable down payment based on the size of your order.  Your order is not reserved until the down payment is received.  There are no refunds!

    • Quarter of a cow - $200​

    • Half of a cow - $400

    • Full Beef - $600

  • The down payment is applied towards your final total.

  • We do accept checks, Zelle, Pop money, Venmo, and cash.

  • If you write a check, please make it payable to ALISA OR NATHAN MOHRHAUSER.

  • Address to mail checks - 11080 SW 119th St, Denton NE 68339

  • Please email with your name, email address, and phone number and how much beef you are purchasing.


What happens when the cows go to the locker:


  • You will receive an email from Mohrhauser Farms stating that your cow is going to the locker, and you will need to call the locker with your custom cutting instructions.

  • The locker will have your hanging weight within a few days of us dropping the cattle off.

  • You will receive an email to with your hanging weight total, and the down payment will be deducted from the total.

  • Final payment must be made promptly, your beef has to be paid for before you can pick it up from the locker, final payment is due within 5 business days of receiving your final total.

Example of email Receipt


  • Your hanging weight is 200 pounds

  • 200*$4.95=$990.00

  • Down Payment <$200.00>

  • Total Owed = 790.00


How much beef should I expect?

  • The average weight for 1/4 of beef is 200 hanging weight pounds which is $990.  (Can be more or less this is JUST AN AVERAGE)

  • The average weight for 1/2 of beef is 400 hanging weight pounds which is $1980.  (Can be more or less this is JUST AN AVERAGE)

  • The average weight for 1 full beef is 800 hanging weight pounds which is $3960.  (Can be more or less this is JUST AN AVERAGE)


How much is processing?


  • The price of processing varies with the size of your order and how you have it cut.

  • Please call the Wahoo Locker or go to their websites with your questions.

  • Wahoo Locker -


Why buy Mohrhauser Beef?


  • Our beef usually rates Prime.


  • Your cow is raised on our farm since birth, treated humanely, low stress.

  • Your cow is raised on a protected easement pasture that does not allow the use chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

  • Your cow will be fed corn for the last couple of months to help tenderize the meat.

  • When taken to the locker you cow is aged over two weeks.

  • You get to custom order your cow - how thick you want your steaks, how many pounds your wants your roast, how many pounds you want in your hamburger tubes, leanness of hamburger, if you choose to have fat added to your hamburger the fat comes from your own cow.

Have questions?


  • Please email with questions or comments.

  • Like us on Facebook- Mohrhauser Farms.

  • Email us through the website.




Thank you for your support, we appreciate it.  We know that you will be able to taste the difference in our beef!

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