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We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Our Story


We believe in delivering a high quality, all natural pasture to plate product to our customers. Mohrhauser cattle are bred, born, raised, and finished at our farm. Mohrhauser cows raise their calves on grass until the calves are old enough to wean and then the calves are moved into lots. Some of the females will be separated out later to become mother cows while the rest are finished the old fashioned way to produce the highest quality beef. Mohrhauser Farms knows the background on every animal we sell, which is not the case with most meat retailers. Most of the large premium meat retailers own no cattle, their product comes from any carcass that meets their specifications on the rail.   One of the strongest beliefs that we have at Mohrhauser Farms is that you should always know where your beef comes from, and how it is raised.  There are no hormones or steroids used in our animals.


Mohrhauser Farms 90/10 hamburger also comes from a single animal. A pound of hamburger from a retailer has the meat and fat from several random cattle mixed together and grocery store hamburger is normally unsold expiring fresh cuts ground up and repackaged to add another 2 weeks to the sell by date.  Mohrhrauser Farms hamburger does not have food dye, msg, or anything other than beef in it.  It is always farm fresh hamburger.

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Antibiotic free


Antibiotics are only used to treat a sick individual, we do not use antibiotics as a feed additive to increase feed efficiency like the large feedlots do.


Why not Grass-fed?


Mohrhauser Farms finishes our cattle on a corn and grass hay diet. The main reasons for corn-feeding cattle are the same as they were when the industry accepted it years ago.

Corn produces a more consistent eating experience. You know a steak will taste like a steak anywhere in the country. Grass finished or “grass-fed” beef is inconsistent depending on what types of forages are available in an area. Aromatic compounds in different plants will deposit in the fat, changing the flavor. Fat is flavor, and corn-fed beef has more where it counts. This fat marbling also keeps the steak more tender and juicier during cooking. There is nothing worse than a dry, tough steak.


Cattle are more efficient on corn, gaining more weight per pound fed than grass-fed. This translates to lower feed cost, fewer days on feed, and a younger animal at slaughter. Younger animals are more tender than older ones. It also allows for a more efficient use of grass acres, letting the cows and young calves use the valuable grass space.

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