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Half or Whole Pig


We currently do not have pigs available.

Pigs are dirt raised.  Pigs are all natural, no hormones or steroids! 

Farm fresh and delicious.


How much can you order?

  • ½ or whole pig


What is the cost?

  • The price is $2.75 per hanging weight pound.

  • You pay your own processing fee.

  • The average hanging weight for half a pig is 100 pounds, 200 pounds for a whole pig.

  • We will have your hanging weight the day after we drop off your pig.  We will email you an invoice with your total, your down payment will be deducted from this invoice.

  • Final payment must be sent within 3 days of receiving your email receipt.

  • Final payment must be received in full before you pick up your order at the locker.


Example of Invoice:

  • Pig Hanging Weight – 100 pounds

  • Total -$275.00

  • Down Payment <$100.00>

  • Total Due - $175.00


What to do if you want to order a pig:

  • Please email to place your order.

  • Send $100 down payment to reserve your order.

  • The down payment will go towards the hanging weight total at the end.


Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Paypal – Please send as friends and family to

  • Pop Money

  • Zelle -

  • Check – Please make your check payable to Alisa or Nathan Mohrhauser

  • Cash

  • Venmo - @Alisa-Mohrhauser


Processing Notes:

  • To view the cost of processing, please click the below link to view Diller's information page.

  • You must call the locker with your cutting instructions by closing time (5:30pm) the day after the pigs are dropped off.

  • If you do not call the locker within in this time, they will be forced to cut the pig without your instructions, and you still will be responsible for payment and pick up of your pork.


Popular Items that are available with your pig

  • Maple Smoked Bacon 

  • Breakfast Sausage (Customer Favorite)

  • Porkchops - You pick the thickness and how per package

  • Bratwurst 

  • Ham 

  • Ham Steak 

  • Pork Steak

  • Pork Roast 

  • Cutlets

  • Ham hocks

  • Ribs

  • Slab of Ribs

  • Ground Pork

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