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Please contact SDMEAT@YAHOO.COM with questions for smaller items.

Please contact SDMEAT@YAHOO.COM with questions for smaller items.

We currently are not shipping meat. If you would like to order and your are local, please contact Thank you!

Nebraska Prime Rated Black Angus!

Nebraska Prime Rated Black Angus!

Interested in purchasing QUARTER, HALF, or FULL BEEF? Click the "Read More" button below!

Premium Meats. The best is the U.S.


  • 2014 Honored Agriculturalists

  • National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team

  • 2013 Century Farm Award

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The finest beef that Nebraska has to offer...


All of our cattle are bred, born, raised, and finished at our farm. Antiobiotic free, no hormones or steroids used in our animals.  For over 20 years Mohrhuaser pastures have not treated with any type of pesticides.

2023 Locker Dates for Beef

Jan 18th (Wahoo Locker) Sold Out 

Feb 7th (Wahoo Locker)  Sold Out

Sept 5th (Wahoo Locker) Sold Out

Oct 3rd  (Wahoo Locker) Sold Out

Dec 13th (Wahoo Locker)


2024 Dates will be released soon!


Learn more about Mohrhauser Farms
We believe in delivering a high quality, all natural pasture to plate product to our customers. Mohrhauser Farms knows the background on every animal we sell, which is not the case with most meat retailers...

We have BROWN PASTURE EGGS available for purchase.  We do not wash eggs. Eggs are $3.00 for a dozen and $4.50 for an 18.

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